In addition to our spacious rooms and our full-service restaurant, we offer the following on-site amenities:

24/7 Bluewave Energy Cardlock Fuel Station

Regular Gasoline
Regular & Dyed Diesel
Satellite Uplinked Payment Station
Generous Turning-Area for Oversized Vehicles
Blue Wave Fuel Cards can be obtained by contacting the BlueWave Peace River Branch at 780-624-2800

High-Capacity Water-Treatment Plants

  • Two Crane Environmental (EPRO 17500 Reverse Osmosis) Systems on-site.
  • Each unit capable of producing 17,500 gallons of purified water per day.
  • Water Tanker fill-station located near Bluewave Cardlock.


Wellsite Trailer Rental Parking

Fully-serviced lots just east of the main buildings.


Helicopter Landing Pads

Landing pads with power